ASPCA — 2009 Annual Report
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Statement of Activities, For the year ended December 31, 2009

Operating support and revenues:

Contributions, Grants and Memberships $86,913,997
Federal Campaigns 2,495,641
Bequests and Trust Income Designated for Current Operations 8,503,501
Donated Media Resources 585,453
A nimal Health Services Fees 13,195,463
Royalties and Licenses 2,288,363
Special Events 654,979
Other 1,831,709

Total operating support and revenues $116,469,106

Operating expenses:

Program expenses:

Animal Health Services $24,312,901
Community Outreach 15,409,951
Anti-Cruelty Programs 9,002,907
Grants and Sponsorships 5,024,241
Communications 26,413,225

Total program expenses $80,163,225

Supporting expenses:

Membership Development and Fundraising $19,925,059
Management and General 4,765,922

Total supporting expenses 24,690,981

Total operating expenses 104,854,206

Change in net assets from operating ac tivities $11,614,900

Non-operating revenues:

Bequests and Trust Income in Excess of Amounts Designated for Current
Operations $3,588,220
Investment Return in Excess of Amounts Designated
for Current Operations 16,501,864
Unrealized Gains on Beneficial Interests in
Perpetual Trusts 1,531,255
Pension Related Changes Other Than Net
Periodic Pension Costs 677,134

Change in net assets 33,913,373
Net assets at beginning of year, as previously reported 119,207,201
Adjustments to opening net assets 16,615,677
Net assets at end of year $169,736,251