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ASPCA 2011 Annual Report : Cover 1

There When We’re Needed Most. 2011 ANNUAL REPORT

ASPCA Heroes

In appreciation of those members who give $10,000 or more per year to the ASPCA.

Ms. Cindy Adams
Ms. Penelope Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barbour
Ms. Laura Zambelli Barket
Ms. Caroline Bauer
Mr. Peter J. Behan
Mr. Albert Behler
Ms. Candice Bergen
Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Boardman
Ms. Carleen Borsella and Mr. Jonathan Hoefler
Ms. Janet C. Burns
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Karen Capuciati
Mr. Jim Chervenak
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Collins
Mr. Jon S. Corzine
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fagenson
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Farkas
Mrs. Fariah Hafiz and Mr. Gregg Feinstein
Ms. Janelle Francis
Ms. Sandra Frazier
Ms. Tamara Gibson
Mrs. Mary Goranson
Mrs. Michele and Mr. Fredrik G. Gradin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Grousbeck
Mrs. Marianne Halle
Ms. Andrea Henderson Fahnestock and Mr. George Hambrecht
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Harmon
Ms. Meryl Hartzband
Mr. David Hilty
Ms. Angela Ho and Mr. Peter Kjaer
Mr. David Ingram
Ms. Ana Maria Jaffe
Mr. David Jette and Ms. Cecile Disenhouse *in memory of Patricia Jette
Sherry A. Kellett
Ms. Jacqueline Klein-Stroyman and Mr. Matthew Stroyman
Mrs. Peggy Kriegel
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin V. Lambert
Mrs. Elaine and Mr. Kenneth G. Langone
Mrs. Mindy Franklin and Mr. Randy Levine
Marion Look-Jameson
Dwight E. and Kimberly Lowell, II
Ms. Suzanne Mados
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy V. Maitland
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Makowsky
Eric and Dana Margolis
Mrs. Karen McCook
Ms. Christiane Mencini-Baker and Mr. Marc Etterman
Mrs. Gurdon H. Metz
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Michaelcheck
Mr. John Middleton
Ms. Carol Sue Miller
Ms. Mindy Miller and Mr. Robert M. Rayner
Mr. Isaac Mizrahi
Ms. Roberta and Mr. Colin Moore
Ms. Sandra Jo Moss
Ms. Margo MacNabb Nederlander and Mr. James L. Nederlander
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Nederlander
Ms. Katherine Neufeld
J.R. Nicholson, Jr.
Ms. Linda Marcus and Mr. Stephen Nislick
Mr. Daniel O’Neil *in memory of James O’Neil and Maxi
The Opel Family
Mrs. Carroll Petrie
Mr. Jeff A. Pfeifle
Ms. Ellie Phipps Price
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pilkington
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Martin Puris
Mrs. Sarah D. F. Radcliffe and Mr. Charles C. Radcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. George Rawlings
Mr. Stewart Reid
Mrs. Lara and Mr. Antony Ritch
Mr. John Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Robinson In memory of Jeannette and Joseph Czapluk
Helen A. Rosburg
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Scannell
Mrs. Rosalind and Mr. Franklyn Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. John Sherman
Dr. Michael Simpson
Mr. Donald F. Sinex
Ms. Jeanne Sorensen-Siegel and Mr. Herbert J. Siegel
Ms. Sally Spooner and Mr. Edward Stroz
Joseph S. and Mary B. Sprinkle
The Spurlino Foundation
Ms. Jane Stamper
Ms. Susan L. Stanley
Ms. Shirley Starr
Mrs. Marian W. Starrett
Ms. Susan B. Stearns
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stern
Ms. Khaleel Sulaiman
Ms. Laura Moore and Mr. Frederick Tanne
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Taylor
Ms. Katrin Theodoli
Ms. Katherine and Mr. Eric Todrys
Ms. Marei von Saher
Ina and Ed Waldman
Ms. Cathy Wallach
Ms. Kim White and Mr. Kurt Wolfgruber
Ms. Mary Jo White
Ms. Gwyn Whittaker
Ms. Elaine Wilderman
Mr. and Ms. Albert Greig Woodring
Mr. Tim F. Wray
Ms. Donette L. Zbikowski

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