ASPCA 2011 Annual Report : Cover 1

There When We’re Needed Most. 2011 ANNUAL REPORT

ASPCA Heroes

In appreciation of those members who give $10,000 or more per year to the ASPCA.<br /> <br /> Ms. Cindy Adams <br /> Anonymous<br /> Ms. Penelope Ayers<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barbour<br /> Ms. Laura Zambelli Barket<br /> Ms. Caroline Bauer<br /> Mr. Peter J. Behan<br /> Mr. Albert Behler<br /> Ms. Candice Bergen<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Boardman<br /> Ms. Carleen Borsella and Mr. Jonathan Hoefler<br /> Ms. Janet C. Burns<br /> Mr. Peter and Mrs. Karen Capuciati<br /> Mr. Jim Chervenak<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Collins<br /> Mr. Jon S. Corzine<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fagenson<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Farkas<br /> Mrs. Fariah Hafiz and Mr. Gregg Feinstein<br /> Ms. Janelle Francis <br /> Ms. Sandra Frazier<br /> Ms. Tamara Gibson<br /> Mrs. Mary Goranson<br /> Mrs. Michele and Mr. Fredrik G. Gradin<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Peter Grousbeck<br /> Mrs. Marianne Halle<br /> Ms. Andrea Henderson Fahnestock and Mr. George Hambrecht<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Harmon<br /> Ms. Meryl Hartzband<br /> Mr. David Hilty<br /> Ms. Angela Ho and Mr. Peter Kjaer<br /> Mr. David Ingram<br /> Ms. Ana Maria Jaffe<br /> Mr. David Jette and Ms. Cecile Disenhouse *in memory of Patricia Jette <br /> Sherry A. Kellett<br /> Ms. Jacqueline Klein-Stroyman and Mr. Matthew Stroyman<br /> Mrs. Peggy Kriegel<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin V. Lambert<br /> Mrs. Elaine and Mr. Kenneth G. Langone<br /> Mrs. Mindy Franklin and Mr. Randy Levine <br /> Marion Look-Jameson <br /> Dwight E. and Kimberly Lowell, II<br /> Ms. Suzanne Mados<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Tracy V. Maitland<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Makowsky <br /> Eric and Dana Margolis<br /> Mrs. Karen McCook<br /> Ms. Christiane Mencini-Baker and Mr. Marc Etterman<br /> Mrs. Gurdon H. Metz<br /> Mr. and Mrs. William J. Michaelcheck<br /> Mr. John Middleton<br /> Ms. Carol Sue Miller<br /> Ms. Mindy Miller and Mr. Robert M. Rayner<br /> Mr. Isaac Mizrahi<br /> Ms. Roberta and Mr. Colin Moore<br /> Ms. Sandra Jo Moss<br /> Ms. Margo MacNabb Nederlander and Mr. James L. Nederlander<br /> Mr. and Mrs. James M. Nederlander<br /> Ms. Katherine Neufeld <br /> J.R. Nicholson, Jr.<br /> Ms. Linda Marcus and Mr. Stephen Nislick<br /> Mr. Daniel O’Neil *in memory of James O’Neil and Maxi <br /> The Opel Family<br /> Anonymous<br /> Mrs. Carroll Petrie<br /> Mr. Jeff A. Pfeifle<br /> Ms. Ellie Phipps Price<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pilkington<br /> Mrs. Mary and Mr. Martin Puris<br /> Mrs. Sarah D. F. Radcliffe and Mr. Charles C. Radcliffe<br /> Mr. and Mrs. George Rawlings<br /> Mr. Stewart Reid<br /> Mrs. Lara and Mr. Antony Ritch<br /> Mr. John Roberts<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Ed Robinson In memory of Jeannette and Joseph Czapluk <br /> Helen A. Rosburg<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Pete Scannell<br /> Mrs. Rosalind and Mr. Franklyn Schaefer<br /> Mr. and Mrs. John Sherman<br /> Dr. Michael Simpson <br /> Mr. Donald F. Sinex<br /> Ms. Jeanne Sorensen-Siegel and Mr. Herbert J. Siegel<br /> Ms. Sally Spooner and Mr. Edward Stroz <br /> Joseph S. and Mary B. Sprinkle <br /> The Spurlino Foundation<br /> Ms. Jane Stamper<br /> Ms. Susan L. Stanley <br /> Ms. Shirley Starr<br /> Mrs. Marian W. Starrett<br /> Ms. Susan B. Stearns<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stern <br /> Ms. Khaleel Sulaiman<br /> Ms. Laura Moore and Mr. Frederick Tanne<br /> Mr. and Mrs. Roger Taylor<br /> Ms. Katrin Theodoli<br /> Ms. Katherine and Mr. Eric Todrys<br /> Ms. Marei von Saher <br /> Ina and Ed Waldman<br /> Ms. Cathy Wallach<br /> Ms. Kim White and Mr. Kurt Wolfgruber<br /> Ms. Mary Jo White<br /> Ms. Gwyn Whittaker<br /> Ms. Elaine Wilderman<br /> Mr. and Ms. Albert Greig Woodring<br /> Mr. Tim F. Wray<br /> Ms. Donette L. Zbikowski

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