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small ice cream scoop helps with this. Planners have taken Bake for 10 also – 14 minutes or until steps the tops are set and feel firmish the touch but the insides are still to ensure that to the Cancer Institute soft. Do not over bake. Let patients, cool in pan for 5 cares not only for its minutes to a wire rack to finish but also then for turn the out environment. cooling. Environmentally friendly features If using chocolate ganache, spoon some ganache in building include lighting on the top of the brownies, top each with a that automatically to maraschino cherry and adjusts refrigerate for at least half an hour to firm ganache. Can be made a day maximize the the use of sunlight; ahead. solar-shaded glass; an energy If topping with cream, pipe or dollop on the recovery system that greatly whipped cream just before serving and top each reduces the a energy brownie with cherry. usage associated with ventilation; and conveniently Cherry Chocolate Ganache 4ounces good quality semi-sweet chocolate located recycling stations. chips – whipping Peter Emanuel, M.D. 1/2 cup heavy cream 3 tablespoons reserved cherry syrup Pour chocolate chips into a small heatproof OOps – COrreCtiOn bowl. Heat the cream and cherry syrup in a small in the July issue under high heat until “Worst it just comes to a pan over medium Foods for the our Heart” line over 8 should boil. Pour hot milk mixture the chocolate chips read: and let set for 5 minutes. Stir until smooth have “Fried Chicken/Catfish glossy. Let set for about 10 it.” – 15 minutes then – and instead, bake or broil spoon over the brownies. Makes 48. regarded programs in multiple myeloma, head and neck cancer, breast cancer and other areas. The new tower was funded in part by a $36 million matching funds program created by the Arkansas Legislature. Its many patient-friendly features include a new infusion where many of cherries, the drained 1 center, 10-ounce jar maraschino institute’s will receive reserving 5 patients tablespoons of the syrup 8 chemotherapy. ounces good quality bittersweet chocolate chips 1 cup unsalted butter The infusion center 1teaspoon pure vanilla extract features both private rooms 3/4 cup granulated sugar open areas, where 3 and large eggs, beaten 1 patients and family members 1 ⁄ 2 cups ground almonds visit with other 1/4 can teaspoon kosher each or fine sea salt during sessions. Cherry treatment Chocolate Ganache (recipe follows) 1 cup whipped cream lightly As with or each floor in the sweetened with a tablespoon or two of new tower, natural reserved cherry syrup light is prevalent. Balconies provide a 48 maraschino cherries for decoration, place for patients and dry visitors to drained and patted get Preheat a breath of air while oven to fresh 350 degrees. Insert paper liners in 48 mini impressive muffin cups. views of Little enjoying Pat the cherries dry and chop them roughly. Rock, and a healing garden offers a Set aside. Melt the chocolate chips and butter in a heat place for quiet reflection. proof bowl in the microwave for 2 ½ -3 minutes, The once second phase stirring or twice until of the the butter is fully melted and the chips are almost all melted. Stir institute’s construction, scheduled until all the chocolate melted and the mixture is for completion in is summer 2011, smooth and glossy. Stir in the vanilla extract, 2 will include renovation of the tablespoons of the the reserved maraschino cherry first floor of our Walker Tower syrup and the sugar. Let cool slightly. and will a ground cafeteria, Patient Beat in offer the eggs, almonds, salt and chopped cherries. Divide batter between the Support Pavilion, gift shop, chapel prepared muffin tins filling the tins almost full. A and other services. Cherry Brownie Bites Construction & Supply 1-800-607-4999 1-479-754-4999 Fax: 1-479-754-4899 H & H $6,895 00 $13,650 00 $5,150.00 CARING CASKETS Sky-blue $885 $35/Mo w.a.c. 0 down SAVING YOU MONEY ON CASKETS, URNS and MONUMENTS Delivering to all funeral homes • Prepurchase plans Entering our 11th year of Business 1-888-443-6414 • Call for brochure 28 S. College, Suite 17, Fayetteville, AR 72701 CaskEts madE in thE U.s.a. Town & Country Florist – Huntsville, AR ASK ABOUT A FAMILY FUNERAL PLANNING GUIDE PACKET RURAL ARKANSAS LIVING AUGUST 2010 JANUARY 2011 I 27 35

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