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Arkansas Living February 2011 : Page 17

Serious quality. United-Bilt Homes are “stick-built” from the ground up, and quality is the watchword for ev-ery phase of the building process. We own and operate our own lumberyard, so we get the best materials at the best price, for savings we pass on to you. United-Bilt has put more than 30,000 families into their dream homes. No other local builder can claim that kind of experience. When you get serious about building your own custom built home, give us a call. Wax is scraped from each tray before it is “spun” to release the honey from the combs. “In the beginning I had so much to learn and was fortunate to be trained by a master (beekeeper),” he said, admitting he never stops learning about this ancient craft. (Hon-ey bees have been in existence for about 30 million years, and honey has been produced for at least the last 6,000 years.) “An old lady once told me, ‘When you are green, you grow, and when you are ripe, you rot,’ and that stuck in my mind. So I keep learning,” Watkins said. His beehives, which are scattered throughout the Ozarks and in his backyard, are abuzz with busy worker bees transporting pollen and nectar back to his hives from vari-ous trees and wildfl owers blooming through-out the plateaus, mountains, and valleys of the Buffalo National River area. Although the color and taste of his honey varies with the nectar the bees consume, he says no one can claim to standardize wild honey. “Because bees feed on a variety of seasonal blooms from March to October, it is impossible to say, ‘This is clover honey, or this is persimmon honey, etc.,’” he said. Although Watkins can detect — by the color and taste of the honey — that the majority of nectar consumed by the bees came from a particular fl owering plant in bloom at a certain time, he said you can never say for sure it came from just one variety of plant. Watkins built a honey house on his prop-erty to process his own honey. He brings his FEBRUARY 2011 In-house financing with ZERO down & no payments for 6 months! 7RXURXUPRGHOKRPHVWRGD\ 800.756.2506 Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Little Rock & Texarkana * With approved credit for qualified land owners. Lic Res Mort Lender AR,LA,MS,MO,OK,TX NMLS#39943 It’s Cold Outside. Warm up with our E-Newsletter. Sign up today! The Rural Arkansas Living e-newsletter contains up-to-date cooperative news between Rural Arkansas issues. This e-newsletter brings you a preview of upcoming magazine articles, recipes, important information about cooperative issues and much more. Subscribe Today: 585$/$5.$16$6/,9,1* , 17

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