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Arkansas Living February 2011 : Page 18

Jars of honey produced by Buffalo River Honey are shown against the beautiful backdrop of the Ozark Mountains and valleys of Northwestern Arkansas where Watkins’ bees thrive to produce honeys that range in color and fl avor according to seasonal blooming trees, shrubs, and fl owers. supers (wooden boxes containing 9-10 honey-fi lled frames) into the honey house from out-side, removes the frames and slices the wax layer from them with a hot knife. The frames are then put into a “slinger” where centrifugal force throws the honey out of the combs to fl ow down into a bucket below. The bucket stands for three days to enable any residue to separate from the honey. The golden honey is then poured into individual jars and labeled with his signature bright yellow “Buffalo River Honey Co.” trademark. The Honey House is where Watkins processes his honey. Nothing is wasted. The wax that was scraped from the trays is put into a solar wax melter. After the wax melts and pours off the tray, the bees feed off the remaining sediments. FEBRUARY 2011 18  , 585$/$5.$16$6/,9,1*

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