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Arkansas Living March 2011 : Page-39



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+2* Œ  32:(57,//(5 Š FAR FASTER & EASIER to use than hard-to-handle, walk-behind tillers. BIG ENGINE POWER is ideal for large gardens, landscape projects, and food plots. TILL A 3-FOOT SWATH with each pass – twice the width of most walk-behind tillers! CREATE PERFECT SEEDBEDS with the smooth and deep-tilling action of 24 steel bolo tines. The DR ® ROTO-HOG™ Mini Tiller has twice the power of the competition. Call Now! Get a FREE DVD and Catalog 72// 

 )5(( ZZZ'5URWRWLOOHUFRP 7XIIP1SFMPI ,SQI6SS½ RK VSSJSZIVGSQ &#1c;&#1a;&#1c;&#1d;&#1a;&#1d; TOUGH BUILDINGS. DELIVERED. At Smith Steel, we know that life in the country can be demanding. We know that you want a building that is not only attractive but built to last. That’s why since 1950, we’ve been manufacturing some of the toughest and best looking metal buildings made. We go beyond specs to make sure our struc-tures both stand up to your demands and provide you with a building that looks good. All of this in an easy to erect package delivered right to your door. Spec Smith for toughness. Spec Smith for service. Spec Smith at 800-831-3837. %'823;XSUYEPMJ]JSVEXE\ GVIHMXSJYTXS -RGVIEWIXLIZEPYISJ ]SYVLSQI )RIVK]7XEV'IVXM½ IH 'YX]SYVIPIGXVMGFMPP 7XSTPIEOW 0-*)8-1);%66%28= &#0c;)\TMVIW

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Perma-Roof From Southern Builders

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